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Innovations on the non-banking financial market

Innovations on the non-banking financial market

Aasa is a financial company of XXI century. Our firm specializes in instalment loans, we use a unique process of evaluating the creditworthiness. We operate mainly on-line, our offer does not include payday loans - we care about our clients and the development of the financial market.

Our business model depends on credible evaluation methods of credit risk, based on traditional algorithms used by banks and big data analysis.

The core of Aasa’s acticity is a combination of positive attributes of banks and loan companies. It is based on transparency, promptness, simplicity and safety (no fine print).

The evaluation of creditworthiness is conducted in real time and takes only a few seconds. Each client undergoes such analysis. Currently Aasa has more than 150,000 clients, the number is rising by 15,000 each month. Aasa’s customers use not only pay day loans, but also banking credits.

Financial companies particularly have to move with the times to meet the expectations of its clients. Keeping pace with the changes is a challenge for all companies that want to be significant players on the financial market. Aasa is aware of the constantly changing reality and wants to adjust to it. We want to develop our evaluation methods to make them effective and convenient for the clients.

During Startup Weekend we want to find partners who will help us to develop our services – to increase effectiveness of our processes and improve customer service. We want to maintain the momentum of our development, using the potential of modern technology.

To our priorities belong big data analysis, consumer finance, consumer service, bots, payments. Our managers and analysts will offer a support to the most promising start-upers. We consider also a financial support for seed phase and monetisation of MVP.